Thursday, September 18, 2008

Water colour

Watercolours are interesting to work in, it requires a certain amount of practise and skill, I don't feel I have mastered this media completely as yet. It isn't a forgiving medium, we have to really avoid any mistakes. It can be great fun once you have some practise and know how to control the flow of the water colour. The first painting (2007) is a definite witness to it's flow, wash, transparent, translucent and layering qualities.
These paintings were done in 2004-06


CactusFreek said...

These pictures are great! I like the elephants behind best.It's a little rebelious on the visual front, and that's what real art is all about! :o)

Ayesha said...

...thank you.I agree. Real life includes the front and back of everything(whether we choose to see it is another matter),so why not art?!