Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hi Friends,

I'm selling these two paintings that are dear to my heart as they speak volumes and I hope becomes as special to you!
Size: 3 feet x 3 feet/ 36inches x 36 inches
Canvas- Stretched canvas on frame
Medium- Acrylic paint and texture
For Price and further details if interested, Please do email me -

The Modern Woman-
This big bold painting was inspired by the changing times as I saw women and young girls become empowered, confident and owning the freedom to express themselves. It's pink and red and purple, with touches of sparkle, all that's considered 'girly' and she is proud to be so!
She is smart, tech savy, knows what she likes and loves who she is.
Any girl/ woman who is like her will love this painting!

 United but different-
This painting depicts a man-woman relationship where the couple is united by love and the flame of desire but differ in their opinions, emotions and thoughts thus they are facing different directions. The setting is the urban chaotic world. Unity in diversity!

 Hope you like them! :)