Monday, August 20, 2012


Here's a caricature I did for a wedding invite, the couple certainly has a cute sense of humour!
They liked how it turned out and I wish them the best. This was my first real caricature and I'm thrilled it came out well. Phew!

That one gave me the confidence do do another...Here's Adam can you tell he's a biiiiggg Arsenal supporter?!

Old Kerala House

I was commissioned to do this piece for my favorite grand aunt and uncle couple. This was the house she grew up in in Kerala, they don't make houses like this anymore! This was the last photograph of the house in all it's glory.
It was an honour to work on it. It's a A2 size black pencil drawing and shading, it had a lithograph effect which we were delighted about.
Above is the photo and the starting stages...below is the final piece...


I did this portrait for a friend. It's of her lovely little dog Winnie. I've not seen her dog in person but she told me the likeness was spot on. Winnie always wears colourful, delicate bows and her soft silky fur is what I wanted to capture most. I think this is my best doggy portrait so far, I'm just thrilled my friend loved it as it's  a special drawing to do :)