Thursday, May 30, 2013

Illustration of My favorite You-tuber

This is of my favorite You-tuber Alex or Hrhcollection. I've been loving doing these illustrated portraits lately.
I like playing with the modern and sketchy-edged look. I love her style so I had fun working on this.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Series of Four- part four..the finale

Here's the last of the bunch...
and the final product...

Series of Four - part three

Here's the third one I did...their younger days...what a stunning couple!!

Series of Four - part two

Here's the second portrait...

...and the final...
Her son had gifted her the pendant necklace so only that has been coloured a turquoise blue..hope you like it!

Series of Four

I was commissioned to do a series of four portraits of Maureen and her husband Steve which she was gifting two each to her two sons for Christmas. Two are of their younger days and two more's the gorgeous couple...
This was the first I it is as I was going along

And the final...hope you like it!