Thursday, September 18, 2008

Children's Books

Towards the end of 2007, I was given the opportunity to illustrate Children's books. It has been an amazing journey, I have learnt so much through the process and I'm thrilled that the first books I worked quite hard on have been published. I really love how they have turned out. These are the two cover pages.
These are wonderful Christian based stories of God's purpose for our lives. The author 'Jonathan Cooper' has been able to bring powerful meaning through the simplicity of the narrative which is quite remarkable. A lot was revealed to me about my life and it's purpose as I worked on the illustrations. So, although these books are for the young, they have meaning for the "young at heart" as well!

My illustrations for Children’s books are simple and playful. Bold colours bring out the mood of each page. I try to awaken the reader’s imagination. I really feel for the purpose of 'inspiring young minds'. I love this particular line of work as I feels it is a great challenge to my creativity and I see each page as a work of art and fresh ideas are always required.

For more information on these books and others on 'God's Creation' wonderfully written by Claire Osborne and beautifully illustrated by Heidi Hendriks and on how to order them, please visit this site:

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