Thursday, September 4, 2008

This gets me going creatively..

I really find this so helpful. It really helps to read quotes and words that you believe in. Adding an artistic touch like just a splash of colour makes it look even more pleasing. I love collecting quotes that motivate me or just making my own quotes for things I strongly believe.
The first quote I found and I feel it gives me lisence to play artistically as sometimes I want things to turn out just so perfect as I see in my head (even though it's just for me) that I end up not being creative at all. I have learnt now that most times 'imperfection is perfection'!
The second is a quote I made for myself to help me workwise. I am my worst critic and so this helps me fine tune my work till i'm pleased..instead of wasting time thinking "should I, shouldn't i" i just do it, otherwise it's like a small itch that never seems to go away!

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